Calls From An Unallocated Phone Number: What does it mean?

Are you exhausted from getting calls from an unallocated phone number? What exactly does an unallocated number mean? Getting an intercepted message “the number you have dialed in is unallocated” when you call a number can be frustrating, frightening, or confusing too.

Perhaps, you might be wondering why many people are getting calls from unallocated numbers. There are a number of possible reasons for unallocated numbers issues while receiving or dialing a number. Moreover, it might be hard to know if it’s a friend, scammer, or somebody desperate for help.

So how do you solve the unallocated phone number issues?

Through this article, we’ll try to clear up any questions you have about unallocated numbers. So, let’s get started.

What is an Unallocated Phone Number?

An unallocated phone number is a telephone number that is not assigned to the customer by a telecommunication company. It means that the administrator has already transferred it, and no customers have allocated it yet.

what does unallocated phone number mean

When subscribers buy a SIM card, a number is assigned, and the service provider of that sim card gives a unique identification number known as a phone number. The number becomes unallocated when a customer buys a sim and doesn’t use the services for long.

The company usually releases unallocated numbers after a certain period, and they are often recycled and assigned to new customers.

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What does “The number you have dialed is unallocated” mean?

Receiving an intercepting message stating, “the number you have dialed is unallocated,” means the number is not in use. This indicates that the number is either no longer active or has not been assigned to any service provider. It may also be part of a pool of numbers that are not in use.

Getting a call from an unallocated phone number: What does it mean?

Getting a large number of calls from an unallocated number can be due to a couple of factors. Most callers don’t want their phone numbers displayed on the caller ID.

There is also the possibility that the number from which you are receiving calls is not assigned to the end-user. In this case, it is likely that the call is from someone who is fraudulent or scamming you.

Other potential reasons are presented down below:

1. Phone number masking

Some business companies or individuals want to contact others but don’t want to display their real phone numbers. Whatever the other reasons can be to hide the real number, they can mask the phone number before making a call.

Masking the number can be done through a third-party application by installing it on your smartphone, which allows you to hide the actual phone number from the dialer system.

2. Spoofed number

Spoofed numbers are fake phone numbers generated by scammers, telemarketers, and robocalls to scam other individuals. A spoofed number is generated using the software. The caller ID will display the number of another person, or it may appear as a local phone number.

A spoofed number is displayed on your caller ID if you did not answer it because you were busy, and you receive a recording saying, “the number you have dialed is unallocated.”  Seeing a phone number makes you more likely to answer it, so they use this to their advantage.

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3. Call forwarded to an unassigned number

When the call is forwarded to the unassigned number, the number that appears on your caller ID will not be the one dialed by the person who called from their phone using your Caller ID service. Instead, it will be the number of another person.

Scammers can utilize this to make it appear that they are calling from your number while they are calling from somewhere else.

4. The owner of the number didn’t pay

In the event that the phone owner doesn’t pay their phone bill on time by the due date, the phone company has the authority to suspend all operations. As a result, the phone number may be added to a list of unallocated numbers.

owner didnt pay phone bills

In other words, if you try to call a number that hasn’t paid its bills on time, you’ll get an interrupted message saying that the number is unallocated.

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5. The telephone provider has network problems

If you receive a warning that a number is unallocated after calling it multiple times, it may be due to a technical error or network issue on the part of the telephone provider.

telephone provider has network problems

Network providers sometimes need to perform system upgrades, and if your device doesn’t have the most recent updates, you may get an error message when trying to make phone calls. In such a situation, you will need to update your device.

Why would someone call me from an unassigned phone number?

If someone calls you from an unassigned phone number, then you need to be aware it can be a call from a scammer or telemarketer who calls you from an unassigned number to avoid being blocked by caller ID services.

The number you see in the caller ID can be a spoofed number that appears as a real number or the number from a company or agency. These numbers are assigned to scammers and they can be hidden from other people so that they cannot identify or block the number.

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How to fix the number you have dialed as an unallocated error?

In case you keep getting a message saying that “the number you have dialed is unallocated”, here are some solutions that can help.

1. Block the number

If you obtain an error message that states, “the number you have dialed is an unallocated error,” which indicates the number you are trying to contact is out of service and cannot be reached.

You need to block the number on your phone so that you do not find yourself calling it by mistake in the future.

2. Call support

If your family and friends are trying to call you and frequently receive the message “the number you have dialed is unallocated,” you need to contact the network provider directly.

call support

When you call the network provider, explain all the problems you are getting and let them fix the issues in their system. Make sure you have paid your phone bill. If there is any problem with your number, then the network provider will resolve it.

3. Delete the number and type it again

You should always check the number while dialing it to make sure you are calling the correct number. But, many times, you may have contacted the number without issue and if you are getting the error message “the dialed number is unallocated” presently, here is how to fix it.

First, note the phone number and delete it from your contact list. And dial the same phone number. If the call goes through, save the number to your contact.

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4. Check Google Voice settings.

Sometimes, you may find that the Google Voice settings have halted your phone number without your knowing, suggesting that the number you have dialed will not be used as an intercept number for incoming calls.

You’ll need to go to the Settings page to make changes to your Google Voice settings. Verify that the Google Voice number displays at the top of your settings. Check to see if Google is detecting the right operator for your phone based on the number it reports.

Google Voice may send you messages through its recovery website to keep you up to date regarding your account. By doing so, Google Voice Services will be able to resolve the issue of unallocated numbers.

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Who uses unallocated numbers?

Scammers, telemarketers, and senders of robocalls use unallocated phone numbers to scam innocent people since these numbers prevent them from being traced or identified. You can also use these numbers to keep your professional and personal contacts separate.

As part of their overall marketing strategy, several businesses promote their products by using unallocated phone numbers. They also use it to contact potential consumers to expand their customer base without disclosing their personal contact information to such customers.

In some cases, the networker providers will work with the business company to allow the use of unallocated numbers at no additional cost to the subscription.

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Using an Unallocated Phone Number for Business

A business company often uses unallocated phone numbers provided by the service provider and thus does not need to pay for phone bills. It is likely that the business uses such numbers to promote their products to reach significant numbers of clients, and this could be their approach to marketing their product.

Businesses can also use unallocated numbers when they want to protect the confidentiality of their contact numbers.

Benefits of using unallocated numbers by business:

  • Reduce their expenses of buying new sim cards.
  • It is beneficial to the marketing efforts of the company’s products.
  • It is helpful to maintain the confidentiality of company numbers.

Challenges of using unallocated numbers by business

Businesses that use unallocated numbers to promote their products might face a number of challenges. But, the most significant among these is the possibility that genuine customers might believe the number belongs to scammers and avoid making purchases from them.


When you receive a call from an unallocated phone number, it means that the number is not assigned to a specific phone line. Unallocated numbers are often used by telemarketers and scammers, so it is important to be aware of this when you receive a call from one. If you do not know the person who is calling, it is best to not answer the call.

No matter what the reason, it is important to be aware of the possible reasons for unallocated phone numbers so that you can take the appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Therefore, in this blog, we discussed unallocated phone numbers and the reasons for them, including unpaid bills, network problems, spoofing, and phone number masking, as well as strategies for resolving them.

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What does “the number you have dialed is not a working number” mean?

If you see the message “The number you dialed is not a working number,” it usually indicates that you have entered the number incorrectly or entered the incorrect area code. Again double-check the number, making sure the area code is entered correctly this time.

How did I get a phone call from an unallocated number?

You might get a phone call from an unallocated number if you are the target of an attempted scam. Because the unallocated number presents itself as a private number, you are more likely to answer calls from unknown numbers, increasing the risk that you will become a victim of a scam.

What is meant by the allocated number?

Allocated numbers are phone numbers that have already been made available to consumers and assigned by service providers to them. When calling another contact, the caller ID of the allocated phone number will be displayed on the receiving end.

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