Tech Hacks That Save Big On Your International Calls

Like most people, you probably use your phone to stay in touch with friends and family worldwide. Or you have a business that makes calls to international customers. And if you’re like most people, you probably hate how expensive it can be to make international calls.

Fortunately, the telecommunication industry has come a long way to reduce the costs of phone calls from one country to another. Cloud technology is a major reason why international phone calls are so cheap. If you want to enjoy cheap international call rates then these are the tech hacks that save big on your international calls.

Effective Tech hacks that save big on your international calls

1. virtual phone number

As we know, phone numbers are a big part of telecommunication. With the introduction of cloud phones, phone numbers have evolved into a better version of themselves i.e., virtual phone numbers. It allows you to make cheap international calls.

Cloud-based phone service providers offer virtual phone numbers to consumers which look and work like regular phone numbers but use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to handle incoming and outgoing phone calls.

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Unlike traditional phone numbers, virtual phone numbers are not tied to a physically connected phone line or specified phone devices. Instead, it requires an internet connection on an internet-enabled device like a smartphone, laptop, etc. to access the number.

With a virtual number, a business can have more flexibility and control over how calls are received by removing the physical restrictions that traditional phone numbers have. You can purchase virtual phone numbers from a cloud-phone service provider and operate them online using the admin portal.

There are different types of virtual phone numbers: landline, mobile, toll-free, and vanity. Since these numbers are cloud-based, the calling rates are so much cheaper than regular phone lines.

Virtual cloud phone systems provide virtual phone numbers for different countries. You can easily pick the number of the country you want and start making international calls.

Additionally, virtual phone lines can help with business trips and remote working. If the business employees or owners want to be accessible when they are away from their workplace but still want to stay connected with the office phone then virtual numbers are the ideal option.

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Virtual phone numbers save phone call bills in more than one way. Some of them are:

i. No roaming charges

Normally, you will have to pay roaming charges when you travel to a different region or country, roam into another phone service coverage area, and handle calls from your local service provider’s phone number.

The chances of getting roaming charges are zero when using a virtual phone number. These numbers are cloud-based which means you won’t have to use the signal from any phone service coverage area but rather only needs an internet connection to access the number. It eliminates the roaming charges altogether.

ii. Cost saving on telephony hardware

One of the best things about virtual phone numbers is that you don’t need additional hardware to use the phone services. You don’t have to purchase new phones, wires, telephone sets, or any necessary hardware. All you need is to install the software on your existing devices such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

If you want to add new users then simply you can scale it from the software and there is no need to get additional devices for new users, they can access it from their existing devices. All they need is credentials and an internet connection.

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iii. Cheaper calling costs

Suppose you have to make a phone call to China from the USA for your business affairs on a regular basis. If the calling charge is high, you might have to allocate a big sum of money just on your phone bills. And that can affect your profit margins to a huge extent. But you don’t have to worry about such problems with VoIP-based virtual phone numbers.

The international calling cost is 90% cheaper with virtual phone numbers as compared to traditional phones. These international calls make things easier. The call rates set by virtual phone number providers are way lower than your local phone service provider. It also lowers the local calling cost by 40%.

iv. Better call quality – save time by reducing call duration

International calls are long-distance calls. The signal needs to travel a long distance from source to destination. This disrupts the quality of calls and the callers may not understand the voice property. Ultimately, increasing the calling time means higher phone call bills.

With virtual phone numbers, you don’t need to worry about bad call quality. It provides an HD-calling quality thanks to its cloud technology. It helps you to place a good conversation without any issue and in less time.

2. Bundled Calling Packages

Generally, phone service providers charge for every second of your calls. There are different calling charges per minute for different countries. On top of that, there are international calling charges which drastically increase your phone call bills.

You can avoid these expensive phone calls by purchasing call bundles. The main objective of call bundles is to save money by giving a certain number of minutes. You can use the minutes to make international phone calls cheaply rather than paying for every single minute.

Most local phone service providers and virtual phone service providers offer different packages with a defined number of free minutes to make calls. The minute will be deducted automatically for every second you are on an outbound call.

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3. Use cloud communication tools

As we have been talking cloud technology has changed the ways of international calling. It lets you make phone calls directly through an internet connection. There are different cloud communication tools that make things possible for you to make affordable international phone calls.

i. Cloud calling apps

If you are looking to make free international phone calls then you should definitely try cloud calling apps. There are many clouds calling apps like Viber, WhatsApp, etc. that let you make free phone calls to anyone regardless of their location.

To use these apps, you need to provide your existing phone number to verify your account. The numbers can be either your regular phone number or virtual phone number. The phone numbers act as your account ID. You can make free phone calls as long as both you and the person you want to call have active accounts on the app.

ii. Messaging apps

Unlike cloud calling apps, messaging apps let you make free international phone calls without using a phone number. There are many messaging apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. that let you start connecting with your friends and families.

You should have a personal or business account on the social media platform. The person you want to call also needs to have an account on the same platform to place free phone calls.

If you are not able to call the person you are calling, these apps let you send free text messages as well. This is very helpful in situations when you are unable to connect with people on the phone. Also, it assists you to compensate for the time zone difference. You can leave a message and interact with people via text.

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iii. Video conferencing tools

There are situations where you may need to make face-to-face interactions with people living abroad. Well in such a situation, video conferencing tools can enable you to make video calls. It connects people two or more people for meetings, online classes, etc. Irrespective of their physical location.

If you operate with remote teams or need to communicate with potential clients or customers but are unable to meet in person, there is no better option than video conferencing tools to work and interact with each other.

Like messaging apps, video conferencing tools allow you to make free calls to other countries. However, most of these tools give a limited time frame for making video calls.

Some of the most popular video conferencing tools are Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. Either you can use them for free or buy a paid version to access full features.

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Start making cheap international calls

International calling can be expensive, but there are a few tech hacks that can help you save big. By using a VoIP service, you can make calls for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone line. Additionally, using a calling app can help you avoid costly international roaming fees.

Finally, by taking advantage of free international calls offered by messaging apps, you can keep your costs down.

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