How To Make Money On Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face?

OnlyFans is a popular platform that allows users to share photos and videos with their fans. This online content subscription service offers a wonderful way to make extra income.

However, some people may find it a little bit embarrassing and uncomfortable to set up an Onlyfans page. That’s why they prefer to use this online platform without revealing their identity and face.

Based on April 2020 data, the average OnlyFans account makes around $180 monthly after commissions, and most accounts earn about $140.

But is it possible to earn money on Onlyfans without showing your face? If yes, then how? For the users who have all these questions in their minds, don’t worry. Here in this article, we will explain how to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face.

Can you make money on OnlyFans without showing your face?

Undoubtedly Yes. You can create an Onlyfans account and make money without revealing your face. It is true that many creators are known to us by their faces, but the use of OnlyFans does not have a rule that requires all faces to be shown.

However, the creators who reveal their identities normally have more subscribers. But if you are uncomfortable with revealing your identity and want to stay anonymous, there are many possible ways. And no one can force you to reveal your identity.

The OnlyFans platform gives you the opportunity to make money online and have a reasonable number of subscribers while still protecting your identity. The main thing you need to do is to choose the perfect niche for you.

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How to start an OnlyFans anonymously?

To keep your information private and prevent anyone from knowing who you are, you’ll need to set up a few things while creating an account. You should cover as much ground as possible To stay anonymous on OnlyFans.

How To Make Money On Onlyfans Anonymously

1. Use a Fake Name

Using your real name while registering on Onlyfans to earn money by hiding your face does not seem like a good idea. It’s because, with a real name or nickname, there is a risk of getting recognized.

So think of a fake name and use it to create an account.  You can also use your stage name to create an account on the app.

You must upload a photo and write a description to complete your profile. Don’t provide personal information in them. However, you must include real information for your account information. To withdraw the money you make, you must give genuine information.

2. Create an extra email account

Create a separate email account using your fake/stage name and connect it to your no-face OnlyFans. By doing this, you can be double-safe. Although subscribers cannot see your email, it’s a precaution for your own safety.

3. Use the geoblocking feature

You can use the geoblocking feature of OnlyFans to block people from particular areas. Some content creators block nearby residents to avoid the risk of getting known.

Follow the steps below to block particular areas.

  • Visit the settings.
  • Search for the security section and click on it.
  • Scroll down and click on the “Geoblocking” option.
  • Select the country you want to block.
  • Click on Save changes.

You may think it is good to block the entire nation, but it will also make it hard for you to gain subscribers. Hence, you should think carefully.

If you know the IP address of a specific user, you can block them from seeing your content. You can block your close friends and family members using an IP address and avoid being recognized. But you should remember that when you block particular subscribers, it will refund their subscription.

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4. Hide birthmarks, tattoos, or scars

Do you have tattoos? Are you rocking any distinctive scars? Think about anything someone could use to pick you out of a lineup and consider covering up those features too.

Do you have a birthmark or any distinctive scars? Or a cute tattoo on your neck or wrist?  You should consider hiding them because if someone who already knows you is watching you, they will be able to identify you easily.

Further, if you have some pictures with birthmarks, tattoos, or scars, you can remove them by using photo editing apps.

5. Overlook your surrounding

You should avoid posting outdoor pictures. If you do, be mindful of what to show and what to hide. An identifiable landmark, restaurant, or building can reveal your location. So, exposing your surroundings could disclose your location, thereby compromising your anonymity.

In addition, you should avoid plates, sunglasses, windows, and other reflective things since their reflection won’t keep you anonymous for long. However, clicking a few outdoor pictures can mislead your crazy fans about your real location.

6. Hide your voice using a voice changer

Recognizing with voice is too much to think about, but why take a chance? If you are a creator who sends voice messages and chats in videos, consider using a voice changer to mask your voice.

In this way, people who recognize your voice may stop thinking it is you and stop asking uncomfortably personal questions.

7. Use Masks, Props, Wigs

Using face masks, props, and wigs are great options if you want to show your full body without revealing your face. Masks and props will keep your face hidden from the camera angle. In fact, it gives you unique content.

Further, you don’t have to spend time blurring and editing the face. However, if you hate using masks, using photo editor applications to blur photos and videos is an excellent option to make money on OnlyFans without revealing your face.

Concealing your face using wigs, makeup, and masks is an easy and simple step to stay anonymous on your OnlyFans account.

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How To Make Money On Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face?

Reading till now gives you an idea about how to be anonymous on OnlyFans. Now, let’s discuss how you can, as a content creator, generate money on OnlyFans without showing your face.

1. Select a suitable niche

Over time, OnlyFans content creators are increasing, and to stay on top of them, you must choose a suitable and profitable niche. Newcomers often make the mistake of choosing something that doesn’t interest many people.

Find out your area of interest and create content for the target audience. Stick to the one niche and makes the content around it. It will help you to gain more followers. Many niches, for instance, don’t require you to reveal your face to your followers.

A common niche topic in Onlyfans is cosplay. Selling your feets pictures or dressing styles can include in your content. Gym girls or fit girls do particularly well on OnlyFans without showing their faces.

However, choosing an adult or explicit niche is not only the way to make money on OnlyFans. There are many profitable niches that you can use on your anonymous OnlyFans account. Some of them are:

  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Life hacks
  • Adventure
  • Music
  • Art
  • Product Reviews and Unboxing

2. Focus on high-quality content

After selecting the niche, you must focus on the quality of the content. Going in the same boat as everybody else won’t make you different. In fact, it can divert your follower’s interest.

So to be successful on OF without showing your face, you must stand out from competitors and provide them with high-quality content. When follower gets high-quality content, they can be your long-term subscribers.

You can use the high-quality camera to take pictures or videos for your OF account. Further, you can edit the video/photo, add some filters and increase the colors so that the lighting equipment is perfect.

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3. Be creative  with the Content

You must be creative with your content to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face.

OnlyFans users adore the creative content. So, when you create valuable content for your fans/followers, you can get loyal subscribers.

Throw out the fear of revealing the face to stop you from earning money. Be creative and give your audience what they want.

Furthermore, you must engage with your audience. And for that, you can use private messages and chat with your fans there. It will help to make the bond stronger between you and your fans.

Whether you are a successful OnlyFan creator or a newly anonymous creator, you can use the private message.

It’s all about making your audience feel special and expressing your love for their support. You don’t have to disclose your real identity to engage with your audience. Remember that the key to success on OnlyFans is consistently providing engaging and valuable content for your subscribers.

4. Use social media accounts for promotion

Social media plays a vital role in marketing strategy. So, you can use the social media account to promote your OnlyFans account. Use social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit for promotion.

i. Create another social media account

No one will go and look for you on OF (OnlyFans) without seeing you on other sites. So, your other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit’s presence, fuel your success. But if you are thinking of using personal accounts for promotion, you should stop there.

Create a new social media account using the same fake name and email address that you used to create your OnlyFans account. Obviously, it is daunting to create a new social media account. But to stay anonymous, you must create it.

ii. Promote on Forums Anonymously

You can gain promote your OnlyFans profile on the forums and gain followers. And you can use Reddit or Quora to post your content either on your profile or in the comment section anonymously.

On Reddit, you can find Subreddits for every topic and niche, whereas on quora, you can look for queries related to your topic. You can answer those queries and promote your OF account.

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5. Collaborate with other creators

You may have an idea from the term collaboration that you need to contact someone to work together. And by doing that, it’s hard to stay anonymous.

But you can search for another no-face OnlyFans creator and collaborate with them. There is a chance that you both share the same interest. Further, it allows you to reach a whole new audience.

6. Promote/Sell your other services

You can sell your own picture that doesn’t include the face. Some of your followers may love to see your body parts, such as thighs, stomachs, and armpits. You can choose your audience and show them what they want to see.

However, if you are not comfortable with it, you can do the following things.

i. Sell other content asides from your picture

Though the platform is mainly intended for pictures or videos, you can sell any physical products you have. And to sell them, you don’t have to reveal your picture.

ii. Promote your business

If you have any other business, you can promote it on OnlyFans. You can share links to your online stores or post photos or videos of your products.

But you have to remember that it works best when you have huge subscribers who give you immense love and support.

iii. Offer other services- Teaching, language classes, or coaching

You can offer services such as teaching and coaching and make money on OnlyFans. It doesn’t require you to show your face. Just by using text or audio, you can offer those services.

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7. Monetize your OnlyFans Account

Content creators on OnlyFans can earn money either by subscription or tips that fans pay for their special content. Some users donate money to their favorite influencers on OnlyFans to support them. But it is not possible for new creators because it requires a loyal and intimate relationship between users and influencers. To have that relationship, it takes time.

Depending on the money user spend, the more content they get. 20% of all revenue generated by creators goes to OnlyFans, and the rest goes to the creator.

Things to consider to protect your identity & stay anonymous while using Onlyfans

Let’s discuss the privacy tools provided by the platform’s developers. You can use several measures to protect your privacy.

1. Two-Step Verification

Activate the two-factor authentication service in your profile settings. You can use a virtual phone number instead of a personal one to receive the login code. Though your fans will not see your phone number from your profile, you can use virtual phone numbers to be extra cautious.

Using the feature, no one can log in to your profile without the code received on the virtual number.

2. Login Sessions

The “Login Section” of the settings allows you to see from what devices your OnlyFans account is logged in. You can disable some unnecessary sessions from the settings if you find them.

3. Visibility Settings

Creators can manage what details are publicly accessible. You can stay on the site in “invisible” mode and completely hide your activities. Further, you can also leave access to selected users. And if anything goes wrong, you can close your OnlyFans account.

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4. Watermarks on videos and photos

Posters can assign authorship to their posts by adding a watermark to the OnlyFans page ID. While it doesn’t really provide anonymity, it protects creators’ work from piracy.

These are the privacy tools offered by OnlyFans. However, these are not enough to protect your identity and stay anonymous. To remain anonymous on OnlyFans and protect your identity, you should use a fake name, block the geoblocking feature, use a face mask and props, hide birthmarks or tattoos, use voiceover to change the voice, and overlook your surrounding.

Other than that, you should consider the following tips.

5. Use a VPN

You can use Virtual Private Network to browse the internet anonymously. It is worth paying to hide your identity.

6. Set up a Special Place

Set up a place where you can record your content for your OnlyFans profile. Avoid having maximum things in the background. Your dedicated fan may be keen to find your identity and act as a detective. So it’s good to avoid reflective things as much as possible because they can leave some hints.

How Do I Promote OnlyFans Secretly?

OnlyFans works perfectly without showing your face. However, to earn money on OnlyFans, you must promote your account. Promoting your profile is a practical way to increase followers.

Since most users want to see your face, being anonymous will make it difficult to connect with your audience. You need to be ruthless with your profile promotion to solve this problem.

Fortunately, there are different ways to promote your OnlyFans account secretly. But the best way to promote your account is by using social media. You can also use your email address to do so.

But as mentioned earlier, using a personal social media account and email account is not recommended. You must create an alternate anonymous social media and email account, get followers, and ask them to subscribe to your OnlyFans account.

Instagram and Tiktok are the best social media applications for promoting your OF account. When promoting your account, you should use a “linktree” that links to other social media platforms and OnlyFans.

What are the Best OnlyFans Alternatives?

The following are some of the best alternatives for OnlyFans to make money:

  • Fancentro
  • Loyalfans
  • fans
  • Fansly
  • Fanvue
  • iFans
  • Okfans
  • Fanso
  • Fantime
  • Patreon

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Though sex workers primarily used OnlyFans, nowadays, it is also famous among other creators, such as chefs and physical fitness trainers. Creators can earn money using this internet connection subscription service.

However, to succeed as an anonymous user, you must be extra cautious and put in some extra effort. Hopefully, these tips on making money without showing your face on OnlyFans will help you to manage your reputation and gives your mind peace.


Can you really make money on OnlyFans without showing your face?

Of course, you can earn money on OF without ever showing your face. No rule prohibits posting without your face.

What are some niche content ideas that can be profitable on OnlyFans?

Some of the profitable niche content ideas on OnlyFans are:

  • Cosplay
  • Private fitness trainer
  • Beauty Fashion
  • Podcasting
  • Photography
  • Tutorials and how-to videos
  • ASMR
  • Travel and adventure
  • Cooking and recipe videos
  • Video games
  • Psychic and Taro readings, Aura cleansing

How can I build a brand on OnlyFans without showing my face?

You can do a few things to build a brand on OnlyFans without showing your face.

  • First, consider what kind of content you want to create and what brand you want to build. Think about what you can offer that is unique and interesting and what kind of personality you want to convey.
  • Once you clearly understand what you wish to achieve, start creating high-quality, engaging content. If you can build a solid following and create a loyal fan base, you will be well on your way to success on OnlyFans.

Can social media be used to drive traffic to my OnlyFans account?

You can use social media to drive traffic to your OnlyFans account. However, the social media account you linked should be the new one with a fake name. Otherwise, the users will easily recognize who you are.

What kind of services can I offer on OnlyFans?

You can offer services that are appealing to your subscribers on OnlyFans. Some ideas include:

  • Writing and sharing erotica or creative writing
  • Voice-overs or audio recordings
  • Behind-the-scenes content or private access to other social media accounts
  • Virtual or online services such as coaching, consulting, or language classes
  • Providing tips, tutorials, or product reviews
  • Sharing artwork or illustrations.

How much money can I expect to make on OnlyFans without showing my face?

OnlyFans creators can set their own pricing for their content, so you can decide what you want to earn without showing your face. You can charge between $2 and $50 a month and limit access to content differently. And reports indicate that the median OnlyFans content creators make around $180 monthly after commissions, and most accounts earn about $140.

Is it safe to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face?

Yes, it is totally safe to earn money through OnlyFans without revealing your identity. In fact, for users who feel shy or embarrassed and don’t want their family and friends to see their content, hiding faces is the best option.

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