Church Revenue Model: How Do Churches Make Money?

Churches have numerous ways to make money, which aren’t common to many of us. We usually think that churches run on donations and tithes, which isn’t completely wrong but there are several other ways.

In this article, we shall be uncovering those methods churches use to make money. We shall also discuss other aspects related to the church business model, how do churches make money including income, expenditure, taxes, and their working model.

Let us start with the basics:

Church Business Model: How Does Church Work?

Churches are assemblies of god believers. And the interesting fact is there are millions of people offering their service in the name of God worldwide, making churches the biggest business with the largest number of employees.

Churches are run by an intelligent group of individuals with a clear set of minds – earn more money. These people manage church finances, research, analyze, create legal documentation, and organize meetings and events.

Churches can be easily categorized as a business since they have a product to sell – a path to Jesus. Plus, every community church is a franchise of some other larger church somewhere in the world.

The sad reality about churches is that pastors are not assessed in terms of their ability to advise and teach but their ability to run religious churches. How is it different than any other business?

We can sum up that churches work as any other business or a company that works to generate revenues from their products and services. Utilization of resources and capital for successful market penetration and consumer service initiatives are the bases of their operations.

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The Financial Aspects of a Church: Areas of Income and Expenditure

As we illustrated how a church works like any other financial company; let us also go through its financial aspects. In the following sections, we shall discuss areas of income and expenditure in two different headings.

Financial Aspects of a Church Areas of Income and Expenditure

Let us start with areas where churches make their income.

Areas Where Church Makes An Income

Let us start by stating that churches are non-profitable organizations. However, there are several ways a church makes an income – donations, bequests, and investments being its top methods.

A church’s everlasting income source is donations from its parishioners. Fundraiser programs, events, and text-to-give programs are so effective in the current scenario.

Churches also invest in various outside businesses that are capable of generating huge revenues, making extra income for churches. Sponsorship deals are also a major source of income for churches.

We shall discuss fifteen (15) ways that a church can make money or income in the later sections.

Areas of Expenditure for A Church

Talking about the expenditure areas of a church, there are a lot of areas a church spends its money. The churches usually spend about 47% of their income on operating expenses which include salaries of staff, housing allowances, pension retirement, and different types of insurance.

Churches spend the rest portion of the generated revenues in various fields like business investments, property expenses, organizing events or programs, and running orphanages, schools, and orphanages.

Mission spending is also a noteworthy aspect of expenditure by a church. It carries out several domestic and international missions throughout the globe which require monetary funding.

It is obvious that churches do not completely spend their revenues and make a profit, despite churches being non-profit organizations.

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Do Churches Pay Taxes?

Churches are registered as non-profit organizations, which means they do not have to pay taxes to the Government. In several countries, churches are run by the government itself.

Do Churches Pay Taxes

Since churches are designated as NGOs they can relish tax exemption. It is the very reason that owners cannot be compensated for taxes besides being just the owners.

In countries like the US, the government facilitates churches to hand out contribution receipts to the contributors. In turn, the contributors receive tax benefits such as deductions from the government.

How do Churches Make Money? Church’s Revenue Model

There are several methods that churches can opt for to make money. Churches are well-run businesses in some sense, which means there are some effective and lucrative methods via which churches have been successfully generating revenues and operating their finances.

Let us briefly go through some important contributors to the Church’s Revenue Model.

1. Donations and Collection Plates

Donations are offerings made by regular churchgoers. At some stage in church day, there is a schedule when collection plates come around where you are supposed to put offerings of your wish. These donations are used to run churches and fund various church-related activities.

Tithes are also a form of regular donation to churches from parishioners. Tithing is practiced by 5% of churchgoers. It is a pre-setup situation where interested individuals agree to donate a tenth of their monthly income. Some churches have automated this process with banks to automatically donate 10% from an individual’s account to the church.

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2. Bequests

Bequests are usually gifts that are ginormous in nature, like monetary values and wills of property. People who have dedicated their lives in the name of God even transfer parts of their properties to churches. These gifts can be directly utilized by churches or sold for monetary funds.

Church Bequests

Bequests are also a type of offering or donation but they come in considerably huge amounts or values.

3. Property Renting

This strategy of making money is not for all churches but most churches are rich enough to own huge gathering spaces or extra property, which they can rent out to other organizations for monetary value.

Churches can make money by renting gathering spaces to businesses and interested parties on other days (besides church days). Extra properties can be leased to offices and organizations, which is a very good source of income.

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4. Holding Weddings

Can you imagine, how many weddings are held in churches in a year? Well, not all but most of these churches charge a certain amount to hold weddings. It is for ministers, wedding halls, music, etc. It takes at least $100 for a simple wedding, and the prices rise accordingly with added facilities and services.

Holding Weddings

Holding marriages can also contribute to a church’s revenue to some extent. For instance, if a church holds 100 weddings a year and on average it charges 200 dollars per wedding. It makes $20,000 from weddings alone.

5. Fundraising Campaigns Through Goods & Merchandise Sales

Churches not only ask for money from the parishioners but also design and organize various fundraising campaigns to collect funds. Good merchandise sale is one of the classic and proven ways of fundraising campaigns.

 a. T-shirt sales

High-quality T-shirts with inspirational quotes or popular verses from the bible can make enough sales in local communities to raise funds. Churches can target customers or parishioners of every group with their unique designs and scripts.

The online presence of fundraising has made it easier for churches to make money through their Goods Merchandise Sales. Parents also do not hesitate to invest in these t-shirt fundraising campaigns.

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b. Selling baked goods, bible/books, and religious and spiritual videos

Churches also publish thousands of religious books and bibles every year, which are sold to parishioners throughout the globe to make money. In addition to books, churches also make spiritual videos that have a huge impression on Christian communities. Videos also sell at a considerable rate.

Some churches also opt for baked goods to make money. Cakes, doughnuts, and other bakery items are sold to people in local communities to make money as a part of fundraising campaigns.

6. Text-to-Give Campaign

Churches make money in a unique way in the US – Text-to-Give Campaign. It is creative because it involves modern technology as its backbone. Churches invest in the creation of text-to-give-software, which helps them collect money or donations from any place in the US.

It focuses on all those churchgoers who do not carry money with them. These people can make donations through the text-to-give campaign.

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7. Sponsorships

Churches organize several programs throughout the year and on different levels. These programs attract high-paying sponsors from all over the globe. These sponsors can decide to support an event or the whole event.

Either way, sponsors get exposure, and churches earn money. These sponsors want to leave a good impression on the parishioners, which is why they spend huge sums that in turn help churches make money.

8. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is arguably the best way to raise funds through massive crowd engagement and donations. Churches proclaim that this crowdfunded money is used for various activities like community support, construction, renovation, mission trips, youth group activities, events, and special programs.


Crowdfunding requires proper promotion and communication with parishioners. Churches that incorporate Cloud Phone Systems for Churches and Ministries in communications perform better than others.

9. Auction

Auction is yet another proven method by which churches make money throughout the globe. Here, the church authorities collaborate with local businesses and antique owners and invite people to bid on their auctioned items.

Rare and unique items can raise huge funds since antique collectors do not hesitate to spend a fortune on items they want.

For interesting and interactive auctions, churches also hire auctioneers and provide free drinks and food.

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10. Community Support

Community support is one of the most effective ways to make money. Churches contact communities and request funding showing different requirements. People also readily pitch in for donations in the name of God and giving back to the community.

Churches practice several fund collection methods like crowdfunding, online payments, newsletters, set-up donation sites, etc.

11. Create a for-profit business

Churches are rich enough to invest money in several businesses like real states, cinema production, and residential and commercial companies. These businesses are all profitable organizations, which means churches earn money on regular basis.

Churches have people who study and analyze businesses that are worth investing in so that they can earn profit in the later stages. Businesses can be completely owned by churches or some part as a share.

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12. Church Newsletter

Churches set up an online presence and ask their parishioners to subscribe to their newsletters.

These loyal followers do so and encourage others to do so too. Everyone these days go through their email on a daily basis, which is what churches take advantage of.

Church Newsletter

Churches send donation links with encouragement newsletters, which work for most people. If the newsletters are printed and mailed to parishioners, they include QR codes to scan and make donations. Newsletters are effective ways to make money for churches.

13. Particular Religious Programs or Events

Churches organize religious programs or events, like Easter, Christmas, and more on special dates. Many people go to churches on these occasions to celebrate with others. These people cash in as donations to make events possible.

Donations from the mass sum up to great amounts since the donations not only come from members but also non-members.

14. Talent Competition Show

Churches can capitalize on young churchgoers and their parents by organizing talent competition shows for children. Parents would want their children to become confident and develop presentation skills, which is profitable for all parties.

Parents pay money to watch those kinds of talent and competition shows organized by churches. Not only parents but also other parishioners contribute to some extent and become a part of such shows. It is a good way to generate revenue.

15. Organize Sing-a-Thon

Churches organize Sing-a-Thon on church days and set up small entry fees, which are compulsory for churchgoers. You can imagine everyone paying to enter such programs – a good way to make money.

Churches train individuals interested in music for several purposes and sing-a-thon is just a byproduct. However, it has been one of the best ways how churches to make money.

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How much money do Christian churches make?

We have covered how these churches make and spend money in the sections above. Here, we shall go explore how much money these Christian churches make. We will be referencing the latest data from different sources.

According to EnterpriseAppsToday, US congregations collect about $74.5 billion per year, making Christianity the richest religion in the world. In the US alone, the average annual income of (churches) congregations is $242910.

Here is the list of the top 10 wealthiest churches in the world along with their net worth in 2022.

Source: EAFEED

Rank Name of Churches Net Worth
1 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints $100 billion
2 Catholic Church Vatican $33 billion
3 Catholic Church Germany $26 billion
4 Catholic Church Australia $22.3 billion
5 Church of England $9 billion
6 Opus Dei $3billion
7 Church of Scientology $2.5 billion
8 Episcopalian Church $2 billion
9 Freemasonry +$1 billion
10 The Kenneth Copeland Ministry $1 billion


How are churches funded?

Churches have several ways to get funded – from t-shirt fundraisers to online newsletters with donation links. However, all those have a common element, and that is the parishioners. Whatever the method be the members of the churches are the ones contributing to that cause.

Do churches receive federal funding in the U.S.?

Let’s cut to the chase and say no. The churches in the USA are run on private funds, and they are separate from the government. Most people mistake this for churches not paying taxes to the government.

Are there any “for-profit” churches?

Technically, there are no “for-profit” churches since all churches in the US are registered and run as non-profit organizations. However, no business structure or organization can run or sustain itself without profit.

Can you start a church for profit?

You could start a church for profit. However, it depends on the laws in your country – some countries only allow non-profit churches. You will have to pay taxes and cannot avoid exemptions.

Why does the Catholic church have so much money compared with other religions?

Churches have the largest number of followers or parishioners throughout the globe, they all contribute to the funding of churches in some way or the other. Imagine churches making  $74.5 billion per year. This isn’t the case with other religions.

How much revenue do churches collect per year?

Churches in the US gather around $74.5 billion as revenue each year. In the past, the revenues we greater compared to the present.

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