What Happened To Crispy Cones After Shark Tank?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the entrepreneurs who brave the Shark Tank, facing the fierce scrutiny of the investor panel? One such captivating story is that of Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson, the dynamic duo behind Crispy Cones. Their journey from grilling dough on a roadside stand to striking a deal with Barbara Corcoran on national television is nothing short of inspiring.

In a whirlwind of ambition and determination, the Carlsons showcased their innovative ice cream cones made from rotisserie-grilled dough, infused with European flair, on Season 14 of Shark Tank. The anticipation was palpable as they laid their dreams on the line, seeking the investment that would catapult Crispy Cones into the spotlight.

But what happened next? Did their partnership with the sharks pave the way for success, or did they face unforeseen challenges along the path to franchising glory? Join us as we delve into the journey of Crispy Cones after Shark Tank, uncovering the twists and turns that have shaped their entrepreneurial adventure. Prepare to be captivated by a tale of resilience, innovation, and the sweet taste of success.

What are Crispy Cones?

Crispy Cones are a unique twist on traditional ice cream cones, revolutionizing the way we enjoy this classic treat. Created by Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson, Crispy Cones features soft, rotisserie-grilled dough instead of the typical wafer cones. Inspired by their travels and the European pastry “trdelník,” these cones offer a delightful combination of fluffy texture and rich flavor.

Crispy Cones Net Worth in 2024 after shark tank

Each Crispy Cone is crafted with care, starting with fresh dough grilled to perfection. Once cooked, the cones are dusted with cinnamon sugar or crushed Oreos, adding a tantalizing sweetness to every bite. Customers can then customize their cones with a variety of spreads, fruits, and toppings, elevating the ice cream experience to new heights.

Beyond the traditional vanilla and chocolate flavors, Crispy Cones offers a rotating selection of specialty ice cream flavors, ensuring there’s always something new to try. Whether you’re a fan of classic combinations or craving a unique indulgence, Crispy Cones has something for everyone.

Company Name Crispy Cones
Website https://thecrispycones.com/
Episode Season 14, Episode 21
Founded In 2018
Founder Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson
Required Investment $200,000 for a 10% equity stake
Closing Deal $200,000 for 20% equity stake
Shark Barbara Corcoran
Current Business Status In business

Who is the founder of Crispy Cones?

Jeremy Carlson is the founder of Crispy Cones, a visionary entrepreneur who transformed a college side hustle into a thriving business. Inspired by his experiences during a mission trip to the Czech Republic, Jeremy discovered the art of rotisserie-grilling dough to create unique ice cream cones. Together with his wife, Kaitlyn Carlson, Jeremy embarked on a journey to bring this European-inspired treat to the masses.

who are the founders of crispy cones

Driven by a passion for innovation and a love of delicious desserts, Jeremy’s dedication to quality and authenticity has set Crispy Cones apart in the competitive dessert industry. His vision for Crispy Cones has led to nationwide recognition and success, with the brand continuing to expand and delight customers across the country.

How does Crispy Cones work?

Crispy Cones works by reimagining the traditional ice cream cone with a unique twist. At the heart of Crispy Cones is the innovative use of rotisserie-grilled dough, inspired by European pastry-making techniques. This dough is crafted from fresh ingredients and grilled to perfection, resulting in a soft and fluffy cone that sets Crispy Cones apart from the rest.

To experience Crispy Cones, customers begin by selecting their desired cone flavor from options like cinnamon sugar or crushed Oreos. Next, they have the opportunity to customize their cone with a variety of spreads, fruits, and toppings, allowing for a truly personalized dessert experience. From Nutella to peanut butter cups, the possibilities are endless.

Once the cone is prepared, it’s filled with creamy soft-serve ice cream, available in classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and swirl, as well as rotating specialty flavors. The combination of warm, grilled dough and cold, creamy ice cream creates a delightful contrast of textures and temperatures that tantalizes the taste buds.

Crispy Cones before the Shark Tank

Before their appearance on Shark Tank, Crispy Cones was the brainchild of Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson, who embarked on their entrepreneurial journey with a simple yet innovative concept. Jeremy, inspired by his travels to the Czech Republic, where he discovered the European pastry “trdelník,” began selling his unique rotisserie-grilled dough ice cream cones from a roadside tent during his college years.

Despite humble beginnings, Jeremy and Kaitlyn’s vision for Crispy Cones soon outgrew the roadside stand. With determination and resourcefulness, they expanded their operation, moving from a tent to a trailer and eventually opening two brick-and-mortar storefronts in Logan, Utah, and Rexburg, Idaho.

However, the road to success was not without its challenges. Financial constraints and operational hurdles tested the resilience of the Carlson couple. Despite grossing approximately $760,000 in revenue between 2018 and September 2022, Crispy Cones struggled to turn a profit, particularly at their second location, which failed to generate earnings despite grossing $290,000 in its first year.

Nevertheless, Jeremy and Kaitlyn remained steadfast in their pursuit of their dream, seeking an investment on Shark Tank to propel Crispy Cones to greater heights. 

Their appearance on the show marked a pivotal moment in the company’s journey, offering them the opportunity to showcase their innovative product to a national audience and secure the funding needed to realize their vision for expansion.

The Pitch of Crispy Cones in the Shark Tank

When Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson stepped into the Shark Tank, they brought with them the tantalizing aroma of their innovative dessert concept: Crispy Cones. The husband-and-wife duo, fueled by their passion for culinary creativity and inspired by European pastry traditions, sought to revolutionize the ice cream cone experience with their unique twist on a classic treat.

At the heart of Crispy Cones’ pitch was their signature product: soft-serve ice cream served in cones made from rotisserie-grilled dough. Drawing on Jeremy’s experiences during a mission trip to the Czech Republic, where he discovered the European pastry “trdelník,” the Carlsons crafted a dessert unlike any other. The dough, grilled to perfection, offered a fluffy and indulgent base for a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings.

During their pitch, Jeremy and Kaitlyn showcased the versatility and customizable nature of Crispy Cones. From classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate to innovative combinations like Nutella and peanut butter cups, customers had the opportunity to create their own personalized dessert masterpiece. 

The Carlsons emphasized the importance of quality ingredients and attention to detail, ensuring that every Crispy Cone delivered a memorable and delicious experience.

In addition to highlighting their unique product, the Carlsons shared their vision for the future of Crispy Cones. With ambitious plans for expansion and franchising, they sought investment to fuel their growth and bring their European-inspired treat to a wider audience. 

Their goal was not only to establish Crispy Cones as a beloved dessert destination but also to create opportunities for franchisees to share in their success. And their ask for the investment was $200,000 for 10% equity in the company.

Ultimately, the Carlsons’ pitch captivated the Sharks, who recognized the potential of Crispy Cones to disrupt the dessert industry and capture the hearts (and taste buds) of consumers nationwide. 

After a brief negotiation, Barbara Corcoran emerged as the perfect partner for Crispy Cones, offering a $200,000 investment for 20% equity. With Corcoran’s expertise and support, Jeremy and Kaitlyn were poised to take Crispy Cones to new heights, fulfilling their dreams of bringing their innovative dessert concept to the masses.

Key Details of the Pitch

  • Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson presented Crispy Cones, an innovative dessert concept featuring soft-serve ice cream served in rotisserie-grilled dough cones.
  • Inspired by European pastry traditions, particularly the Czech “trdelník,” the Carlsons aimed to revolutionize the ice cream cone experience.
  • They sought a $200,000 investment for 10% equity to fuel expansion and franchising efforts.
  • Despite facing financial challenges, including modest revenue and a second location struggling to turn a profit, they remained committed to their vision.
  • The Sharks expressed concerns about the company’s financial performance and the ambitious valuation.
  • Barbara Corcoran, recognizing the potential for Crispy Cones to become a successful franchise, offered $200,000 for 20% equity.
  • After a brief negotiation, Corcoran’s offer was accepted, marking a pivotal moment for Crispy Cones’ growth.

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Crispy Cones After Shark Tank: 2024 Update

Since their memorable appearance on Shark Tank, Crispy Cones has experienced significant growth and success, solidifying their position as a beloved dessert brand with a loyal following. Building upon the momentum generated by their partnership with Barbara Corcoran, Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson have been busy expanding their business and delighting customers with their innovative treats.

One of the most notable developments for Crispy Cones after Shark Tank episode has been their expansion efforts. Leveraging the expertise and support provided by Corcoran, the Carlsons have successfully opened new franchise locations in strategic markets across the country. 

From Chandler, Arizona, to Provo, Utah, Crispy Cones has continued to introduce their unique dessert concept to new communities, spreading joy one cone at a time.

In addition to expanding its physical footprint, Crispy Cones has also focused on enhancing the customer experience and streamlining operations. The introduction of kiosks and other technological innovations has helped to improve efficiency and convenience for both customers and franchisees. 

what are crispy cones

By refining the ordering process and cutting costs, Crispy Cones has positioned itself for continued growth and success in the competitive dessert industry.

Furthermore, Crispy Cones has continued to innovate and diversify its menu offerings, keeping customers engaged and coming back for more. From new topping options like peanut butter cups to weekly specialty ice cream flavors like pineapple, peach, and lemon, Crispy Cones consistently surprises and delights its loyal fan base. 

The brand’s commitment to quality ingredients and creativity ensures that every visit to Crispy Cones is a memorable and delicious experience.

Beyond their physical storefronts, Crispy Cones has also maintained a strong online presence, engaging with customers through social media and digital channels. 

With active Instagram accounts and regular updates on its website, Crispy Cones keeps fans informed about new menu items, promotions, and franchise opportunities. This digital engagement not only fosters a sense of community but also helps to drive traffic to Crispy Cones locations nationwide.

What is the Net worth of Crispy Cones?

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Crispy Cones received widespread recognition and media coverage, further boosting its visibility and popularity. With features in prominent publications such as Digital Journal, Crispy Cones solidified its position as a standout player in the dessert market. As a result, the estimated value of Crispy Cones reached $1 million by March 2023, reflecting the company’s promising potential and growing reputation.

Since then, Crispy Cones has continued to thrive, leveraging its success and strategic partnerships to fuel further expansion and innovation. The brand’s commitment to quality ingredients, customizable options, and exceptional customer experience has earned it a loyal following and contributed to its ongoing financial success.

As of 2024, the current valuation of Crispy Cones exceeds $1 million, underscoring its continued growth and resilience in a competitive industry landscape. With a focus on franchising, new product developments, and strategic marketing initiatives, Crispy Cones remains poised for sustained success and continued expansion in the years to come.

Is Crispy Cones Still In Business?

Yes, Crispy Cones is still very much in business and thriving. Since their successful appearance on Shark Tank, Crispy Cones has continued to grow and expand its presence in the dessert market. 

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