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How to create shopping bot to buy products from online stores?

  • By: admin
  • Jan 15, 2023
  • 2 months ago

Want to enhance your customer service and save money? Then shopping bots are for you.

People are so busy with their work. They don’t have time to visit the shop to buy things. That’s why they demand a shopping technique that is convenient, fast, and vigilant. As a result, retailers are using shopping bots.

A shopping bot can help you to answer common questions, increase sales, and decrease cart abandonment. In fact, the data shows that 47% of consumers reported having an interest in using chatbots to purchase products. But how to create a shopping bot to buy products from online stores?

In this blog post, we will be discussing how to create shopping bot that can be used to buy products from online stores. We will also discuss the best shopping bots for business and the benefits of using such a bot.

What is an Online Shopping Bot?

An online shopping bot is a robotic self-service software that brings the entire product catalog to the messaging platform, which allows people to compare products, add products to their cart, view customer reviews, and make payments without leaving the system.

It enables users to compare the feature and prices of several products and find a perfect deal based on their needs. Shopping bots can be integrated into your business website or browser-based products.

It allows you to analyze thousands of website pages for the available products. You will receive reliable feedback from this software faster than anyone else. Additionally, it simplifies product navigation.

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Why Use an Online Ordering and Shopping Bot?

Online vendors are keen to make the checkout process as seamless and quick as possible for their customers. Thanks to the advent of shopping bots, your customers can now find the products they need with a single click of a button.

Why Use an Online Ordering and Shopping Bot

Further, there are many reasons to use an online ordering and shopping bot. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should use an online ordering and shopping bot for your business.

1. To Drive Engagement

The shopping bot helps you to interact with customers at all stages of the online buying cycle, from discovering products to purchasing them to following up on their purchases.

2. To Personalize Experience

Software like this provides customized recommendations based on a customer’s preferences. Consequently, shoppers visiting your eCommerce site will receive product recommendations based on their search criteria.

Online ordering and shopping bots make the shopping experience more personalized and offer suggestions for purchases.

3. For Intuitive Experiences

You can use online bots to make your buyers’ shopping more engaging, memorable, and interactive.  The chatbot has a conversation workflow similar to the physical store. The conversation with customers starts with welcome messages and assists them throughout their shopping journey. So that users find it more engaging and interactive.

Shopping bots shorten the checkout process and permit consumers to find the items they need with a simple button click.

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4. For Product Guidance

Generally, customers don’t want to spend time scrolling through irrelevant products. But the shopping bot offers customized recommendations, which helps customers get the product they are searching for.

It uses the conversation of customers to understand better the user’s demand.  Further, this tool helps with product comparisons so that informed purchases can be made.

Benefits of Making An Online Shopping Bot For Ordering Products

One way that shopping bots are helping customers is by providing a faster and more convenient way to shop online. By searching for and comparing products quickly, customers can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent visiting different stores or scrolling through online shops.

Reading till now helped us to understand the reasons behind using shopping bots. Now, let’s discuss the benefits of making an online shopping bot for ordering products on business.

1. Profits & AOV increase

Shoppers are more likely to accept upsell and cross-sell offers when shopping bots customize their shopping experience.

By offering contextual recommendations based on a shopper’s purchases, browsing behavior, and other factors, retail brands can drive more profits and achieve higher average order values.

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2. Experiential Shopping

Modern consumers consider ‘shopping’ to be a more immersive experience than simply purchasing a product. Customers do not purchase products based on their specifications but rather on their needs and experiences.

With shopping bots, brands can identify desired experiences and develop personalized customer buying journeys.

3. Less Abandoned Carts

If the purchasing process is lengthy, clients may quit it before it gets complete. But, shopping bots can simplify checkout by providing shoppers with options to buy faster and reducing the number of tedious forms.

Shopping carts provide shoppers with personalized options for purchase. Customer chats become eCommerce tools to find suitable products according to what they need. Moreover, they simplify customers’ billing process, reducing cart abandonment.

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4. Increased conversion rate

A bot that offers in-message chat can help potential customers along the sales funnel. Essentially, they help customers find suitable products quickly by acting as a buying bot.

5. Improved Customer Experience

With this software, customers can receive recommendations tailored to their preferences. This way, each shopper visiting your eCommerce website will receive personalized product recommendations. Consequently, your customers will not encounter any friction when shopping with you.

6. Enhanced Customer Support

Customers can easily order their favorite products with these online retail bots. It will raise customer curiosity, help them learn more about your products, and help you retain more customers.

Unlike human agents who get frustrated handling the same repeated queries, chatbots can handle them well.

Additionally, it provides 24/7 customer support and solves customer queries in a flash. It leads to greater customer satisfaction, and as a result, businesses can retain customers for a longer time.

For better customer satisfaction, you can use a chatbot and a virtual phone number together. It will help your business to streamline the entire customer support operation. When customers have some complex queries, they can make a call to you and get them solved. You can also make your client reach you through SMS or social media.

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7. Multichannel experience

Bots provide a smooth online purchasing experience for users across multiple channels with multi-functionality. Shoppers have a great experience in-store, on the web, and on their mobile devices.

8. Cost-effective

With an online shopping bot, the business does not have to spend money on hiring employees. That means you can save money on the equipment they use and the salary to pay them. So, it is better to create a buying bot that is less costly to maintain.

With the help of a shopping bot, you can easily purchase products from online stores without having to go through the hassle of manually adding the items to your cart and then proceeding to checkout. Such a bot can be extremely useful for those wishing to save time shopping online.

Making a chatbot for online shopping can streamline the purchasing process.

How to create shopping bot to buy products from online stores?

Creating a bot to buy something involves the following few steps.

1.  Select your Shopping Bot’s Name

Give a unique name to your shopping bot that users find easy to search for. It’s good to put a name that is related to your business. This way, customers can feel more connected and confident while using it.

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2. Select the shopping bot type

Different shopping bots serve different business purposes. Choose a shopping bot that is related to your business. In modern times, bot developers have developed multi-purpose bots that can be used for shopping and checkout.

3. Customize the Chatbot

Chatbot scripts should sound polite, pleasant, and concise. An advanced option will provide users with an extensive language selection. Using this method, users can easily place orders online via the bot.

4. Chatbot Database

The bot for online ordering should pre-select keywords for goods and services. The customers enter these anticipated keywords into the search bar. Also, the bot script would have had guided prompts to enhance usability and speed.

The average online chatbot provides price comparisons, product listings, promotions, and store policies. Advanced chatbots, however, store and use data from repeat users and remember their names as they communicate online. You can also include frequently asked questions like delivery times, customer queries, and opening hours into the shopping chatbot.

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5. User Testing

The application must be extensively tested on multiple devices, platforms, and conditions to determine whether the online ordering bot is bug-free.

You must troubleshoot, repair, and update if you find any bugs like error messages, slow query time, or failure to return search results. Even after the bot has been repaired, rigorous testing should be conducted before launching it.

6. Launch your shopping bot

Launch your shopping bot as soon as you have tested and fixed all errors and managed all the features.

Best online shopping bots that can transform your business

Below are the seven different online shopping bots that help you transform your business.

1. Shopify Messenger

Using the Shopify Messenger bot simplifies merchants’ lives by helping shoppers find what they want while cruising the merchant sites.

The overall shopping experience for the shopper is designed on Facebook Messenger. Buyers can go through your entire product listing and get product recommendations.

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2. WeChat

WeChat is a self-service business app for businesses that gives customers easy access to their products and allows them to communicate freely. It simplifies and streamlines product inquiries for both parties. The instant messaging and mobile payment application WeChat has millions of active users.

3. H&M

It is one of the most popular brands available online and in stores. H&M shopping bots cover the maximum type of clothing, such as joggers, skinny jeans, shirts, and crop tops. This software is designed only to feature H&M products.

Customers can access the company’s clothing gallery through the customer service portal and find items that fit their tastes.

4. SnapTravel

If you have a travel industry, you must provide the highest customer service level. It’s because the customer’s plan changes frequently, and the weather also changes. To improve the user experience, some prestigious companies such as Amadeus, Booking.com, Sabre, and Hotels.com are partnered with SnapTravel.

It only requires customers to enter their travel date, accommodation choice, and destination. Afterward, the shopping bot will search the web to find the best deal for your needs.

With SnapTravel, bookings can be confirmed using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, and the company can even offer round-the-clock support to VIP clients.

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5. Operator

It is the very first bot designed explicitly for global customers searching to purchase an item from an American company. The Operator offers its users an easy way to browse product listings and make purchases. However, in complicated cases, it provides a human agent to take over the conversation.

6. Madi

Madison Reed is a hair care and hair color company based in the United States. And in 2016, it launched its 24/7 shopping bot that acts like a personal hairstylist. That’s why the customers feel like they have their own professional hair colorist in their pocket.

The shopping bot captures clients’ input about the hairstyle they want and requests them to upload a picture of themselves. Further, its customer service portal helps clients to find the hair color that suits them best according to their skin tone and eye color.

7. Readow

Readow is a self-service AI-driven solution that is geared toward book lovers. It gives book choices to users based on their previous title selection. The bot first interacts with the customers in a conversation and asks them questions like the genre they prefer reading, the author they love, and so on, and then recommends them.

The bot crawls the web for the best book recommendations and high-quality reads and complies with the user’s needs.


There are many online shopping chatbot applications flooded in the market. Free versions of many Chatbot builders are available for the simpler bots, while advanced bots cost money but are more responsive to customer interaction.

It depends on your budget and the level of customer service you wish to automate how much you spend on an online ordering bot.

Shopping bots enable brands to serve customers’ unique needs and enhance their buying experience. And when brands implement shopping bots to increase customer satisfaction rates, improved customer retention, better understand the buyer’s sentiment, reduce cart abandonment.

This blog aims to guide how to make a shopping bot that can be used to purchase products from online stores.

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1. Are Shopping Bots Illegal?

Depending on your country’s legal system, shopping bots may or may not be illegal. In some countries, it is illegal to build shopping bot systems such as chatbots for online shopping. But not in all cases.

The shopping bot’s ability to store, access and use customer data caused some concern among lawmakers.

2. How do you make a bot that buys something on a website immediately when it becomes available?

It depends on the site you plan on buying from and whether it permits automated processes to scrape their site repeatedly, then purchase it. However, making a bot is easy; you simply click your mouse and drag and drop commands to create the program you want. There is no need for any programming knowledge or experience. Your work can then be automated with these bots.

3. How can I create a bot that buys stuff online automatically?

Here’s an overview of how to make a buying bot that buys products online automatically.

  • Choose the programming language you want to use to develop your bots, such as Python or Javascript.
  • Identify and defeat the targeted website’s anti-bot system.
  • A UI/UX for the bot.

Note: Several platforms help you to design a bot. You can also hire people to do that job.

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4. How can I code a bot to buy shoes when they release online?

WHB bot generators allow designers to visualize business designs easily on the platform. The platform then analyzes the design and generates the application installation package corresponding to it, which is then delivered directly for installation and implementation.

Apart from some very special business logic components, which programmers must complete, the rest of the process does not require programmers’ participation.

5. How do I create a bot that will add products to my cart in an online shop?

You must at least understand programming skills to set up a shopping bot that adds products to a cart in an online shop. It’s best if you have those skills. Here we use cURL (using PHP in my case).

  1. Collect all the product URLs.
  2. Understand the process of adding products to a cart on an e-commerce site. Generally, it will be a form that fires the item and the number of items to a page. This page will create a cookie/session.
  3. Write a script using cURL to automatically send the form inputs to the page that receives the data.
  4. Now, store the cookies created from the page with cURL in your server.
  5. To retrieve the left quantity in eCommerce, access the page through curl, retrieve all source code, use preg_match_all, explode, and a regular expression to catch only the left amount. Upon success, insert the result into your spreadsheet.

6. What are the problems in building an online shopping bot?

  • There are a few notable problems in building an online shopping bot. First and foremost, bots are not as good as humans at understanding natural language. This can lead to issues with the bot misunderstanding requests or inability to answer questions.
  • In addition, shopping bots can easily become outdated as new products are released, and new versions of products are introduced.
  • Additionally, different online retailers often offer different prices for the same product, so a shopping bot may not always be able to find the best deal.
  • Another problem is that some retailers may block shopping bots from accessing their site or may flag accounts that use them, which could lead to a shopper being banned.

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7. How are shopping bots helping customers?

There are many ways that shopping bots are helping customers. They can provide recommendations, help with customer service, and even help with online search engines.  By providing these services, shopping bots are helping to make the online shopping experience more efficient and convenient for customers.

8. How online and in-store merchants benefit from shopping bots?

Shopping bots can benefit online and in-store merchants in many ways. Some of them are:

  • Automate their shopping and checkout processes.
  • Keep track of prices and inventory levels.
  • Provide personalized recommendations to their customers.
  • Quicker Product Online Search
  • Enhanced customer experience