How to make an anonymous phone call?

When you receive a call, you first look at the screen to see who is calling. You’ll see an unknown phone number or a contact name in most cases. However, you may occasionally see “anonymous” on your screen. In other words, you have received an anonymous phone call.

Private Caller, Blocked, No Caller ID, unknown, or anonymous are all terms that indicate that an unknown number is calling you. You don’t know the caller’s identity or contact information.

It’s unsettling to receive such a call. As you don’t know who is calling, you’re unsure whether to pick up the phone.

You can do the same in another scenario. You can conceal your phone number and call anonymously. This article will briefly teach you everything you need to know about anonymous phone calls.

What is an anonymous phone call?

An anonymous call is any incoming phone call that does not display any information about the caller or phone number.

It is simply a call made on your phone without seeing the real number of the person calling.

Many businesses and corporations use anonymous call apps to hide their phone numbers. This also prevents the number from being tracked.

For example, you may only see “blocked” or “private caller” on your phone or a different number entirely.

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What is an anonymous number?

An unknown number is a phone number that has been used to make anonymous calls. These are personal phone numbers. Using an anonymous number, the person or business has completely hidden their phone number from the public so that no one can see it.

One of the main reasons for using an unknown number is to avoid receiving a call back from the individual or company.

No one can find the phone number using caller ID or a call log. The only way to learn the unknown phone number is if the person or company gives it to you directly.

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Why do people make anonymous phone calls?

Although receiving an anonymous call may appear strange or unsafe, there are several reasons why people limit their call. Here are a few examples:

1. It protects one’s privacy.

It is responsible for maintaining your privacy status by using anonymous phone numbers rather than regular ones. Making anonymous phone calls without disclosing your contact information directly aids you in avoiding malicious people.

If malicious people obtain your phone number, you are at risk of being harassed or scammed. You will not have to change your phone numbers. If you’re calling a stranger or a new person, making anonymous calls is better than hiding your phone number.

2. Determine your prefix

To make an anonymous call with a prefix, enter the prefix, followed by the ten-digit phone number (or eleven-digit phone number if using a country code), and press the “Dial” button.

Dial the prefix for your region. For example, if you’re dialing from a North American phone, you’ll probably dial *67. For example, enter the phone number you want to make an anonymous call. When finished, the total number should look like this: *678085031234

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3. It improves security

Using an anonymous phone number instead of a regular one is a good way to ensure security by keeping it secret. Various individuals and businesses make anonymous phone calls to ensure that their information is secure and that no one can track them.

Lawyers and collection agencies, for example, use anonymous phone numbers to increase security. Because they may be dealing with serious cases, they must avoid being tracked by recipients by using unknown phone numbers.

How to make an anonymous call?

It is easy to make an anonymous call, but only if you know how. Here are two methods of making an anonymous call. Let’s take a look at the methods below.

1. Using Android and iOS settings

You can hide your caller identity while making phone calls on an Android device in a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the phone’s settings.
  • Step 2: Look for the ‘Caller ID’ option in the settings.
  • Step 3: Select the ‘Hide My Phone Number’ option.

You can easily hide your phone number from the person you’re calling without using the ‘*67’ code. The person you’re calling will see ‘Private number’ or auto-generated number patterns on their mobile screen.

Using Google Voice

  • If you don’t already have it, you’ll need to download the Google Voice app for iPhone or Android.
  • If you don’t already have a Google Voice account, you can create one.
  • If you haven’t already done so, select an email account or enter your email address and password when prompted.

Google Voice allows you to make anonymous calls to anyone you want.

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Should You Answer the Anonymous Phone call?

It is not always the case that you make anonymous calls. You may also receive anonymous calls from time to time. So, what should you do if you receive an anonymous phone call?

The first impression of anonymous calls is always shady, but keep in mind that it’s not always scammers or collectors calling you concealing their identity. Although the likelihood of receiving such calls is fairly high, the call may be made with good intentions.

To be in a safe place, it’s best to ignore the anonymous call. If the call is genuine, the caller can leave a voicemail explaining why they called. However, if they do not leave a voicemail, the calls are not well-intended.

How do I stop an anonymous phone call?

Receiving anonymous calls from scammers, telemarketers, and others is extremely inconvenient.

Some people receive fewer anonymous calls, whereas others receive them continuously. Call blocking and blacklisting unknown phone numbers are the most effective ways to eliminate this problem.

There are some practical methods for reducing the number of these calls. Although you may not be able to avoid all of these calls completely, you can put a stop to the ones that are bothering you. Let’s look at some efficient methods for blocking an anonymous call.

1. Block anonymous calls on Landline

So you’re looking for the “block number” option on the Landline. Switching on your device’s caller ID makes it simple for you. Dial *77 and wait for a confirmation message. Any future anonymous calls will be answered by an automated message.

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2. Block anonymous calls on the mobile number

People are subjected to anonymous calls not only from landlines but also from mobile phone numbers. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent an anonymous call from being made on a smartphone. Your phone provider largely determines this feature.

Furthermore, you can block anonymous calls on smartphones by using built-in functions on iOS and Android. Let us take a look.

1. How Can I Block Anonymous Calls on iOS?

  • Step 1: Navigate to the App Settings page.
  • Step 2: Select “Do Not Disturb.”
  • Step 3: Select “Allow Calls from.”
  • Step 4: Select “All contacts.”

(Please keep in mind that all incoming unknown phone calls will be routed to voicemail.)

2. How Can I Block Anonymous Calls on Android?

  • Step 1: Open your Android device’s dial pad.
  • Step 2: Select the Settings option.
  • Step 3: Navigate to “Blocklist.”
  • Step 4: Click the + icon to include the anonymous contact in the blocklist.

(Note: the steps may differ depending on the Android smartphone.)

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3. Call blocker apps can be used to block anonymous calls

There are numerous call blocker apps available, such as Truecaller, Hiya, Call Control, CallApp, and others, that can assist you in blocking anonymous calls. These apps allow you to block unknown phone numbers.

These apps assist you in identifying unknown numbers and providing you with their details if they are in their database.

4.    On a cloud phone, you can block anonymous calls

On occasion, you may receive an anonymous call on your virtual phone number. The caller has no idea they are calling a cloud phone because the virtual phone number looks exactly like a regular phone number.

You can block that caller when your cloud phone receives an anonymous call. Most virtual cloud phone systems allow you to block any call from any known or unknown contact.

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Receiving an anonymous call can be annoying and frightening because you have no idea who is calling or even see their contact information. Usually, the call is harmless, but there are times when anonymous calls can result in the theft of your valuable data and scamming you.

As a result, whenever you receive an anonymous call, you must be extra cautious and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself by blocking those phone calls.

Getting a scam call can be a major issue, especially for businesses. Today, most businesses rely on business phone systems and platforms for business communication, with strong security encryption to protect your data and block anonymous calls.

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